Exempt Codes: building with no approval needed

After buying your own home, you're inevitably going to reach a point where you'll want to make alterations, additions, or just basic changes.

This brings with it certain questions; how do we know what we can and can't do with these changes? Do we need to get approval from council to do them?

This is where the Exempt Code comes in. This Code allows you to do minor works without needing council approval.

This covers simple changes like building a deck, a garden shed, fencing, repairs to windows, painting your home, or even building a carport.

None of these works require council approval, however, some of them do require plans. You should always get a set of plans drawn up so that you can be sure of dimensions, sizes, layouts, and everything else you'll need to confirm with your works.

Even though the Exempt Code doesn't require council approval, it still does need to comply with the Building Code of Australia. The Building Code of Australia is the basis of how things should work and function for construction purposes.

So when you're getting your plans drawn for these changes, whether that's with your draftsman, architect, or builder, they should be checked to make sure they comply with the Code.

The exempt code and complying development code of 2008 were both set up so that simple works like those we've mentioned can be doing without getting council approval, meaning you can make those dream changes to your home faster and much more easily.

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