The Low Rise Medium Density Housing Guide

What is low rise medium density housing?

Low rise medium density housing is development that contains two or more dwellings on the same property, with each being no more than two storeys in height.

In a residential context, this includes:
  • Dual occupancies
  • Manor houses and 'one above the other' dual occupancies (these are buildings of between 2-4 dwellings)
  • Multi dwelling housing (terraces)
  • Multi dwelling housing (town houses and villas)

Who is this for?

Are any of these you?

You're looking to downsize and have a new home without leaving your existing neighbourhood
You want family nearby, whether that's elderly parents or keeping children or grandchildren close by
You're looking to easily invest with your superannuation; build two dwellings on your existing land

The Benefits

Lifestyle Benefits

Live and stay in the suburb that you love. No need to move!
By building a new home you get the latest in building materials, design, home technology, and environmental options
The option to have family living next door, whether that be a parent or a child
Due to the site being smaller and the building being new, you'll have less maintenance

Financial Benefits

You already own the land, so you don't need to pay stamp duty, or the actual cost, of a second piece of land
Your new home will likely be valued higher than your existing home
Potential to make extra income from the sale of one or both of the homes

The Guide

The full Design Guide can be found here, however we've selected some excerpts we feel will be the most useful for you below.

1. Introduction

An overview of the low rise medium density housing code and defining some key terms.
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1.5 Examples

Real-world plans and photos of low rise medium density housing showing how different designs fit into different sized blocks of land
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2.1 Dual Occupancy (side by side)

Everything you need to know about complying developments that contain two side by side dwellings
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2.2 Manor house and dual occupancy (one above the other)

Details on developments that contain a manor house or a dual occupancy where one dwelling is located above the other
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2.3 Terraces

Information on developments that contain multi dwelling housing.
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