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The Find Your Builder Community makes it easy to get answers, learn, and simplify the building process in NSW for property owners, homeowners, and investors
The Find Your Builder community makes it easy to get answers, learn, and simplify the building process in NSW.
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Does this sound familiar?
"The process of designing, getting approvals, and building seems to be so complicated, it's hard to know where to start"
Council information is hard to understand
Council websites can be complicated. They make looking for an answer like finding a needle in a haystack, and over-the-counter information can be vague.
Everything is expensive
The cost of getting private or external advice for your project, even before you commence design or building, can be expensive and overwhelming.
We have the solution
We have the solution
Are you:
Renovating your house?
Ask our experts:
Can I put a window there?
2 answers →
Do I need to go through council?
1 answer →
Can I do a complying development consent?
3 answers →
Wondering how much this all will cost?
Ask our experts:
How much does it cost to get plans drawn up?
4 answers →
Can I have a budget estimate?
1 answer →
How do I control variations on costs and time to keep within budget?
3 answers →
Not sure where to begin?
Ask our experts:
Who do I talk to first; an architect, builder, council?
1 answer →
How do I know my architect or builder is reputable?
3 answers →
Do I need to have any prior knowledge before I start the building process?
6 answers →


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